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Glacier View

Glacier View

Loaded up the dog and the Tutt in the car and drove out towards Rainier for a little play time.


2013-06-28 20.35.06

Did i mention we finally tried $1 chinese food?



Just a Rant.

I cannot say this enough: I truly believe what I am doing is good work, and I love what I am doing. It is something that I find I am saying repetitively. Probably because there is something that feels inherently depressing about it.

We come into peoples lives at a low point- when they have nowhere else to turn but to ask for help from a nonprofit. I/we do what we can to make their lives a little better, but that’s tough because sometimes my life is a mess too.

Spring needs to get here. I think winter in Washington is starting to get to me.

Right now?

So far, this week has been tough.

Work is starting to pick up for me (its getting closer and closer to April!) and I am hardly able to keep my mind wrapped around it all. I have about a thousand lists and post-it notes and pages filled with scribbles in notebooks and calendars.

My living situation has not been ideal. Generally, I think of myself as a pretty easy to live with person. I haven’t had any major drama with house/roommates thus far, but the current situation I am in is a bit much. I’ve been here for only 3 months, and people who moved in after I did are already moving out OR got kicked out of the house. Definitely a source of stress to have to worry that something you do may get you removed from your only place to sleep. I am hoping that it all fizzles out… once the people who have been asked to leave the house are gone, things should calm down.

All of this has me constantly thinking of how nice it will be to be back in CA. For the first time (pretty much ever) I cannot wait for the holidays. I cannot wait to see the peeps in the bay (and possibly Tahoe!) over Thanksgiving and family (and friends who are almost family) back in LA.

Always looking to the future this one. Never his mind on where he is, what he is doing.

Making Friends is Easy

Keeping friends is hard.

RTCC Dinner


Training has been going well. A lot of it feels like I’m back in high school, and I admit some of my personality is doing a bit of reverting. It’s fun, but a little obnoxious. It’s almost over and I can get to Washington state and start to settle-in and start establishing some form of normalcy. The most valuable things I am gaining from this experience is an excitement to get to Washington and my affiliate.

Meeting all the other CC members has been fun. There are some awesome people here(none of whom are pictured here 🙂 ) who’s company I’ve definitely enjoyed. 10 days through training and I am just getting to know some of them- just in time for all of us to spread out across the country.