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4 days in Moab

I am quickly learning that October in Washington means the dreary over cast days of winter are either on their way or already here. Sure, having been in Tacoma for a year  now, I’ve adjusted and am not quite so adamant about it being sunny all the time, but it is nice to get out and enjoy some time in the sun. I booked a ticket and made some arrangements with a friend I met during the summer road trip and headed toward the Moab, UT- a great little city tucked between Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, a stretch of the Colorado River, and a whole lot of amazing high desert terrain.

Seattle from above.

The obligatory… omgimtravelinggonnatakeapicturefromtheplane photo


Also, plants that grow in the desert are really fucking cool.


Blue skies and red rocks.


Chillin’ under an arch.
…And a lot of lens flair.


High desert wackyness.
Whitecaps and red rocks.

I talk a lot of shit on Seattle… There are too many people. There’s so much traffic. I can’t find parking! why do I have to PAY for parking?! But I have to admit… it is pretty gorgeous from above. Maybe its just because looking out of a porthole and seeing a wing is one of my favorite sights… but Seattle was looking especially gorgeous the day I took off. The peek-a-boo view of the sound between the low storm clouds and the about-to-set sun doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

Traveling by plane is a little disconcerting for me. Not because I have a fear of flying or crashing or whatever. But plane travel is very… set. You know when your leaving and when you’re returning. When traveling by car (or bus, even) you can easily decide when you feel like picking up and leaving. In contrast, in a plane things are much more planned, and there is a deadline to the end which is always approaching.

Traveling by car this summer, I definitely got sucked into sticking around for… just another day. and another. Which is why I ended up coming back to Moab. After lingering in Montana for an extra week (or two) I only had one day to spend in Moab. In that short time I met some great people and had fun running around the town, but had no time to tour around and see the sights that make it such a popular adventure sport destination. My goal this trip was to remedy that, but I’d say I did more enjoying the company of my friends than I did adventuring.

But really, that’s just a different kind of adventure.

I spent a couple hours running around Arches while my friend, who is a Moab local of 5 years slept in the car… Sorry Chris. Thanks for letting me meander.

We also drove into Canyonlands to enjoy a sunset, hiked out by moonlight, avoided a thunderstorm, and the next day we had a little fun floating the Colorado.

It was nice to pop out of Washington and see what another (very different) part of the country is up to. It was also nice that, despite the government shutdown that Utah was willing to foot the bill to open their National Parks. (I found out that Arches and Canyonlands would be re-opening the night my flight landed). Utah is a pretty different state, but I was impressed with their dedication to sharing what their land has to offer… and to the people that make it possible for us average visitors to enjoy.

Thanks for another good trip, Utah. And thanks to the friends who took some time off to play.