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In the Office vs. Out of the Ofrice

Take a moment to appreciate the beauty around you. Its not that hard to do on a day like today. Check out the view from my office:


The weather ended up being pretty nice yesterday, but I decided to stay in and do some much needed laundry and cleaning (thanks Ellie). Kinda regretting that decision now that I’m sitting at my desk staring at Rainier.


Nenda kwa amani, Profesa.

Chinua Achebe died this morning. His books have challenged the way we think and have been an inspiration to many young writers.
We have lost another great person. Who will fill the void left by his passing? What will I, my generation, do to remember the people who have fought for a better world? What will we do to continue working toward those ideals?

Hearing about this loss makes me sad. I must ask myself what can I do with my life in honor of all that he stood for.

Jamm ak jamm, samay Jangelekat.

MLK Work Week in Review

It has been a LONG week and now… I’m sick! Cough, cough and sniffle sniffle. I think my body has finally given up on trying to keep up! Luckily, I am back in WA state with a bit of time to recover, step back, and reflect on the past week.

Last week, I was one of 65 AmeriCorps memebers serving with Rebuilding Together’s CapacityCorps to meet in Oklahoma City. We worked on 9 homes of low-income homeowners in the CEC Triangle of OKC. It was an amazing way to honor Martin Luther King Jr., and I believe the work that CapacityCorps members do and who we are is a testament to the doctor’s legacy.

One of the many moments I will always remember from MLK work week was eaves dropping on two of my fellow team members as they talked about what life was like to live in a segregated world- before the equality movements of the 1960’s. It was a totally random moment that put everything in perspective. Being 25 and of Japanese ancestry, I have never experienced discrimination of that magnitude, but I have living relatives who have. I cannot help but have an immense amount of respect and admiration for those in previous generations who have shouldered the burden of and taken up arms against social injustice. The world I live in is a much better place not only thanks to the civil rights leaders… but also to the people who lived in an unequal world and took action along with them.

I am proud of who I am and I am thankful for all those who have come before me that have allowed me to feel as such.

65 CapacityCorps members at MLK work week in OKC

Our world is not a perfect world and I have a tendency to over criticize “the way things are”, but just being present for MLK work week gave me a sense of hope. When you look at what an AmeriCorps members is… there is no singular demographic. We all come from around the country, with various ethnic backgrounds, of varied religious and political beliefs. The only commonality is that we believe in giving back and bettering the communities we live in.

I am beyond proud to be a part of this group and this generation. I am proud to know that there are still groups of people who believe in a better world and actively seek ways to make it happen!

Link to some of the news coverage we got in OKC:

Positive Vibrations

Working out of an office can bring me down, but its great being involved in something positive. When good things start happening and ideas are speeding about in my head I am reminded of how important it is to do something you love.