Mini Trip

Mini Trip

Embarking with Ellie

Took off for the Olympic Peninsula for a few days. I packed up the Subi with a few camping essentials, a few dog essentials and drove toward a little place I found on WWOOF. I was pretty stoked on this place. They were in the process of digging a subterranean house, had a bunch of goats, and just seemed like some chill people. Unfortunately, they also had some baby geese that they had free range roaming which Ellie really liked.





2013-07-01 19.16.46

Beach Belly

My stay did not last very long there.

So, I packed up and looked for the next opportunity, and found myself a little drive in camp spot along the Sol Duc river.

The next day I drove out toward La Push and Rialto Beach. Found another drive in camp spot.

Hiked around Rialto and La Push for the next couple of days.

Bought some fireworks.

Bought a cheesy book at a grocery store.

Almost froze to death. (beaches in Washington are cold.)


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